AUTO SALON LTD was able to uphold integrity for the past 13 Years of its existence and is now known as a well reputed used car dealer for its high quality vehicles and prices.

We import and sell a wide range of Thailand and Japanese Vehicles but also import European and Korean vehicles at our customers’ special requests.

We are very careful and selective as concerned the quality of our vehicles. We can say it in one word: “One Quality, THE FINEST!” Our vision is long-term and successful business always.

We don’t use any media support for the marketing of our business, as our customers themselves are our main source of marketing. Majority of our customer are referred by previous customers or people who received positive feedback from our satisfied customers. Our motto says: “Your satisfaction is our Success” and we’ll just make sure to send you back with a smile in your face whenever you buy a vehicle from us.

You can find a range of different vehicles in our showroom situated a Royal Road, Plaine des Papayes.

We welcome you for a visit and looking forward to serve you in the very near future.


toyota hilux importer in mauritius